Sneak Peek into Spirit Lala's Begining

“Art you can wear” is the inspiration behind my Jewelry. Mixing tropical vibes with floral flair. But to some people’s surprise, I didn’t always make jewelry.

Rewind 15 years ago, I was just breaking into the art scene with ceramics, paintings, and clocks.  Always staying true to my island designs; with fruit and floral pottery and beach/tropical themed clocks. People enjoyed my work immensely and encouraged me to create jewelry with similar designs. Which is where the jewelry creation began.

Fast-forward to the present, and I have stayed true to my art, creating unique pieces of Jewelry containing my artwork. Although, I moved away from ceramics and clocks, I still continued making paintings. Creating on a smaller scale, to easily be transported into my necklace and earring bezels. Everything is handmade, here in Georgia, with my family.

Learn more about my roots.

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Spirit Lala