New Collection : Vintage Coin

Posted by Genoa Simonicek on 28th Dec 2020

New Collection : Vintage Coin

A look into Spirit's newest Vintage Coin Collection

Now we know when you think Spirit Lala jewelry you are thinking bright colors, funky artwork, and inspiring quotes. As much as we would like to think that Spirit Lala Jewelry is amazing and everyone loves it, that is not necessarily the case. Spirit's newest collection is for both the bold but also the sophisticated and delicate. Our Vintage coin was made to go with anything and everything without having to worry if colors are clashing with your outfit.

Spirit created this line because she felt she need something in her jewelry wardrobe that was easy to elegantly style yet simple enough to wear everyday.

Our Vintage coin line features hand soldering, delicate mixed metal components, and easy layering looks. We feel this line is a compliment to both stainless and brass accessories. All pieces are one of a king and may vary slightly.

Some of our favorite pieces out of our Vintage Coin Collection-

Our Statement Leather Gemstone Necklace

This necklace is a personal favorite of Spirit's and one of the first pieces created in the Vintage Coin Collection.

This necklace is unique & a gorgeous statement piece. It is made in three different leather colors (Camel, Black, & Brown) and comes in seven different stone color combos.

Wear this necklace FIVE ways! You can alternate length with bottom clasp, double around neck as a choker, jazz up a dress as belt, or wrap several times around the wrist for a wrapped bracelet look.

Check out Spirit Rocking our Leather Statement Necklace.

Layering is a must some days and here is our favorite layered chain coin necklace.

Our Double Strand Coin Necklace

A simple and sophisticated way to layer in our double chain coin necklace. This necklace features a vintage brass chain and pyrite beaded chain with a hand soldered coin center piece, measuring at 20" this necklace is the perfect companion with a longer necklace.

Spirit can be seen above wearing the large coin necklace and a Spirit Lala Marquise Compass Necklace.

Coming in a delicate Small & chucky Large Size.


Layering Examples Below